Products & Shipping

  1. Available Products by Region
    Digital files are available for sale worldwide, printed products are available as follows:
    Region / Products Canvas Wraps Photo Prints Framed Prints Acrylic Prints Art Posters Metal Prints Mugs Phone Covers Pillows Acrylic Blocks Bags
    United States
    South & Central America    
    Middle East            
    Northern & Southern Africa          
    AU & NZ        

    * We currently don't ship to Iran, Crimea, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Cuba

  2. Shipment Period:

    Orders are usually shipped out within 3 business days and arrive within 9 to 12 days.

  3. Withdrawing Your Profit:

    When a sale is made, you are notified and you can go ahead and withdraw your profits directly to your PayPal account. The deposit is made within 5 business days.

    To withdraw your profit, follow the steps below:
    • Sign in to your Wix account.
    • Go to your Wix Art Store manager.
    • Click the Orders tab.
    • Click Withdraw Funds.
    • Enter your PayPal email address.
    • Click Withdraw Funds.


  4. Refund Policy:

    If the order arrives damaged or if the product is defective, the customer can contact us to return it within 7days of the delivery date. We will investigate and if relevant, will refund them for the damaged or defective items, or replace it at our discretion.

  5. Tax Policy:

    In most cases, the sale is international so no taxes are applied. In cases where we need to add taxes, they will be added to your store's checkout page.

  6. Getting Started:

    In order to start selling your artwork as products please take a few minutes and follow our Easy Setup Guide

  7. Getting Support:

    "Order a Print" will provide support with any issues or questions related to the app settings, products, prices, shipment, transaction failures, issues with orders etc. You can contact us via email on or our support page

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