Dear customers, Wix Art Store and Wix Photo Albums have been discontinued for NEW customers.
Current and existing customers are not affected.

Use your WIX website to make money by selling your artwork as digital files or prints to your customers!

How It Works?

Offer prints and digital files to your customers for an easy way to make money with your website photos!
Your customers will be able to choose images from your website and order them as digital files with different usage licenses or as prints on a variety of materials including canvas, poster, metal, acrylic blocks and more. We will print, produce and ship the print directly to your customer and you will receive the margin you defined of the purchased product price.
Resolving the issue with synchronization in old version

Get Started


Only 3 easy steps to get started:

•  Set "Order a Print" as your provider
•  Choose the products you wish to sell
•  Set your prices and your store is ready

Without any effort on your part, you can turn your digital images into real money!

"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."


How do I get started?
Simply choose “Order a Print” as your provider for your Wix Art Store and follow our Easy Setup Guide
Your customers will purchase the prints directly from your gallery and you will receive the profit margins you defined in your store settings.
Withdrawing your profit is done very easily, you just need to login to your gallery dashboard, go to earnings tab, view the list of orders and profits, fill in your PayPal email and click "Withdraw", the money will be deposited in your account within 5 business days.
You will need to upload high-res photos only, the larger you upload, the larger prints that will be offered in your store. Don’t worry! your high-res photos are safe and cannot be accessed by your site visitors.
Every product is going thru quality control and we make sure it looks good before shipping it for your customers
The profit margin is not limited and it is totally up to you to decide how much you want to earn for each sale.
If you want to sell prints and don't want to sell your artwork as digital files, you can disable this option.
Yes! the service is available on any mobile device!
The product may be disabled in your store dashboard or unavailable in the country you visit the site from, it can also not appear on your store front since it has different ratio than the photo chosen.
How much does it cost to use the service?
Using it is 100% free! We have our production prices and you define your profit margins.
You will let your customers know that they can order prints and digital files directly from your website, we will print, pack and ship the product, as well as provide excellent customer service. You can sit back and follow your earnings.
The service can be used by Wix users in every country and the printed goods can be ordered and delivered in the United States, Europe, Canada, South & Central America, Asia, Middle East, North & South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
This is not necessary, you should upload photos without watermark so we can automate the process when an order received. Don't worry, your high-res photos are protected and will be presented with watermark to your site visitors.
Orders are usually shipped out within 3 business days and arrive within 12 (faster in most cases!).
Your customer will get a link in his purchase confirmation email, using this link he will be able to download the digital file together with its usage license agreement.
It depends on your customer's location, we manufacture and ship the products from few different print hubs worldwide
You can activate the service for as many galleries as you need.